Why is he a better blogger?

Especially for newcomers to the blogosphere, blogger is the best choice when it comes to ease of use. Blogger makes it easy to view all your blogs through a dashboard feature that links directly to your Google login. You can start a blog on Blogger with your existing Google account in less than a minute. You can create 100 different blogs with one account.

Blogger is useful for those who want to create their blog and have it up and running right away. If all you want is a very simple hobby blogging platform, this may be the solution for you. You won't have to pay a dime to get started and you won't have to worry about hosting or any other technical considerations. Blogger can (and does) host some of the highest traffic blogs on the Internet, but it is deliberately limited in many ways.

In other words, although Blogger has many benefits with Google, blogging is not and will not be Google's priority. And yet, without some awkward homepage redirects, there is no real way to have a “homepage” on Blogger. Therefore, Blogger is much more secure than WordPress, which can be easily hacked and exploited through its database. Simply put, the blogger platform is better than WordPress when you're creating a blog for no other reason than the one you want to write.

Unlike other website builders, or even self-hosted software at a web host, Blogger doesn't have a single support contact. Some bloggers who start with niche-specific blogs are divided into blogs about the blogging process itself. As for the competition, Blogger directly competes with all-inclusive website builders like Weebly %26 Wix. Now I can easily edit my blog layout without help; I can design simple blogger templates; I can stay calm when there is some backend problem.

Blogger is Google's blog-focused platform that focuses on accessibility, ease of use, and is free for the price. The most pertinent decision initially is to choose a platform to create it, which often means choosing between Blogger and WordPress. You can edit HTML and CSS, but only if you can navigate through the thousands of conditional statements in Blogger's code editor. This is a very common thing and by doing a quick Google search, you will realize that many bloggers faced this problem when using BlogSpot.

All the functionality and design included in Blogger works seamlessly as a platform. If you want your blog to be part of a larger website, such as a business site, portfolio, or store, Blogger won't provide you with the features you'll need.

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