Which blogger does kathleen post copy?

Kathleen proceeded to post several screenshots of cases where this girl has copied outfits from head to toe to pose, caption, emojis. She covered her face in the screenshots, but people started picking up because the Swiping Up podcast recently did a segment on this (episode 60 around the 54-minute mark). What is perhaps even more frightening is that Chloe Cowan is not a celebrity or an influencer. She's just a normal young lady who loves a good grandmother.

Cowan's account is private, so it is believed that the copycat created a fake account to follow it. Going a step further, if someone follows celebface on IG, he recently published a collage of tons of “influencers” that look like exact copies of each other. Jordan from Teensy Tiny Petite made the cutest post where he had a couple of different influencers that he copied. S***BloggersPost said that selecting posts for the account is extremely easy thanks to Instagram's collections feature.

I'm sure that the example photos Kathleen posted obviously looked like she wasn't just wearing similar clothes, they were exactly the same items. I'm not an influencer but I compete at a decent level in a sport and I have followers of 5 figs, and recently a girl has come on vacation (for three months, I have no idea how you can afford it) to where I train during the winter months, and she has literally copied many of my photos. Going into detail about her choice to keep the topic a secret for so long, Long explained that beyond being fed up, “Instagram is a business, and although she wholeheartedly believes that “there is room for everyone to succeed in the industry, when someone copies you, “they steal your ideas. You can't argue that bloggers have a little influence on us, but they may not be as original as you think.

It's hard work to build a follower brand on Instagram and social media as a fashion blogger: you need to be fashionable, unique, and avoid posting the same outfit twice. An anonymous Instagram account known as s***bloggerspost is calling influencers for seeming to copy each other's photos by selecting galleries of similar-looking posts.

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