Where are the photos of bloggers stored?

Simply put, your blogger's photos are stored in a Google album archive. This happens automatically every time you upload images to your blogger blog. Go to Blogger Photos and then to the blog name to see all the images uploaded to that particular blog. Places where you can find free images to add to your blog posts include Unplash, Foodiefeed, Pexels, Pixabay, StockSnap, and Photopin, among others.

You can *Include all photo albums* or *Select photo albums*; your blogger blog and Hangouts photo albums will be included. I hope Google doesn't charge high prices for photos that exceed the maximum limit. Although I can't find my Blogger albums on the real Google Photos site, I can*can* see them all within Google Drive if I enable the Google Photos folder. To upload images to Blogger, use the “Insert Image” button in the editor to open the “Add Images” pop-up window, where you can choose and upload images from the computer, choose images from images already uploaded to the blog, Google Album Archive, phone, webcam or a URL.

On the Download Your Data page, make sure that the switch next to Google Photos is green (you can deselect the other Google products if you don't want to archive them), 5.My images are there in the Albums Archive, and I see them in the Insert Blogger Image window, but they have disappeared (most, not all, and not the last ones published yesterday) on the actual blog page, replaced by a graphic that looks like a minus sign in an oval. I went to Picasa's blogger album using the link you posted and there are only 30 photos in the album (out of a total of almost 300). Sometimes, after uploading photos to Blogger, you may want to edit the photo or crop it for better perspective, rename the image for SEO, resize the image for faster loading time, or simply want to delete the image from the Blogger library, especially for uploaded copies accidentally. Keep in mind that items you delete will also be removed from Google products where they appear, such as Google Drive, Google+, and Blogger.

Images are visible to the public on your blog, but by default, the album in which the blog images are stored is not visible to the public in Picasa Web Albums or Google+ Photos.

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