What are blogger presets?

Presets are a feature of Lightroom (an ESSENTIAL imo blogger) %26 are. Presets, on the other hand, are the way most bloggers edit. Presets are a feature in Lightroom (an ESSENTIAL blogger in my opinion)% 26 are basically filters on steroids. The minimal presets aspect dominates fashion magazines and Instagram feeds of many influencers.

They focus only on a few colors and the main focus is on the selection of professional contrast. The %26 Airy bright presets are one of my personal favorites, mainly because you can adjust them very easily. Also, I like that this preset keeps the tones warm while maintaining a clean look. Minimalist presets capture the upper class perfectly.

Have you noticed that the more expensive the clothes are, the simpler it is? The same goes for this preset. Creates perfect tanned skin tones by removing the orange tint. This preset attracts the audience's attention with increased contrast. In the Blogger Preset Pack, you'll find a variety of different blogger presets to achieve the typical Instagram blogger look.

The filters in this package range from a subtle blogger filter to filters that stand out more. If you love presets that give you tanned skin as if you just returned from the Bahamas, you'll love these filters. With AGLOW presets, instagrammers, bloggers and photographers or anyone who wants to enhance their photos will create beautiful aesthetic images that will stand out for their viewers. And finally, if you love Instagram feeds from super colorful and funny bloggers, you'll love the “Funny” blogger presets.

Yes, it's annoying, but as a blogger I can see why sometimes they don't respond, it's not a filter.

Angelina Linnert
Angelina Linnert

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