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Interiors · Contact Me · About · Style. While many of the styles shown in Dream Decor refer to specific locations (for example, the charm of Petite Parisienne's left bank), Taylor encourages readers to choose schemes that speak to them, despite their particular locations. To that end, Taylor describes six fundamental elements (Color, Pattern, Texture, for example) and then describes 11 “Dreamy Styles (Colorful Country, Hollywood Chic and Industrial Loft, among others) that make use of these elements in different ways. When Taylor was a child, he always dreamed of becoming a stage designer, but he realized that was not his cup of tea, and he thought about channeling his energy elsewhere.

Have a centerpiece. Although Taylor is not afraid of color, she knows that some may be reluctant to wander around the realm of neutrals. When you're looking for design inspiration, Taylor suggests checking out the aesthetic memories you've “kept” on social media, as they obviously caught a spark to justify their publication. Taylor is an interior writer with a penchant for color who made a name for himself with the design blog Bright.

Ahead of the book's May 17 release, Taylor gives Architectural Digest a taste of Dream Decor's “approachable and aspirational” style with six decorating tips to help you achieve the style of your dreams now. To connect these touches to the overall outline, Taylor suggests that they reflect a central element. Find a common thread “To make your space cohesive, find a common ground, for example, a unifying color or texture that holds it all together, advises Taylor.

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